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Cala en Porter, Menorca Island Virtual Tour.

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photograph of Cala en Porter

This is one of the largest beaches we visited on Menorca. The sand goes back for a huge distance and is almost flat. It's the same when you get into the water: you can paddle for ages without getting much deeper. This explains why we saw so many very young families enjoying themselves here.

At the back of the beach are play-parks, volleyball courts, a large car park (free!) and a life guard keeping an eye on everyone's safety. You can probably see the road leading down under the over-hanging cliffs at the side of the beach. Shops and cafes are cut into the hillside here and stay nicely in the shade during the day. The marshy land at the back of the beach made me wonder if this was a good breeding ground for mosquitos...

Back in the town itself, you can see just how big this resort is - there are blocks and blocks of streets, lined with apartments and every shop, bar, restaurant and entertainment you could wish for. All of these are up on the hillside, meaning that many families have to bump their tired children in their buggies back up a never-ending set of steps up a steep hill at the end of the day, in the heat. Don't say we didn't warn you! (A couple we spoke to had counted the steps: 192).

If you really can't face doing that every day, there is a little 'train' but it costs 4 Euros per person per trip... (2011 prices).

Join us on the next part of our tour of Menorca...

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Map of Menorca showing the location of Cala en Porter at Latitude 39.87077 / Longitude 4.13271.
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